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28205 Charlotte Nc based & Mobile

The Get Dead Crew LLC

Call or Text (704) 287-0292

Please provide us with the following information

--- Description of your event/booking
--- Estimated Date, time, and location of booking
--- Details of desired makeup/fx applications

Booking Policy
 Our time is precious to us, as is your's. We treat our victims/guests, and their time with the utmost respect. To ensure our artists receive the same respect, these policies will be put in place effective Feb. 2015.

Late Fees:

We understand traffic can be a pain, and finding a new location can sometimes be a bit tricky. However if you arrive  15 mins after your scheduled time you will be subject to a late fee. Anything after 30 mins is subject to cancellation at artists discretion. Cancellation fee will apply.

Cancellation Fee:

If you need to reschedule a booking with us, or simply have changed your mind. No worries, just be sure to give us a min of a 3 day notice to avoid charges. 

* 50% of the total price of services booked will be due for any appointments canceled without 72 hour notice.*

***October -During our busiest season we require at least 10 days notice of a canceled event or booking. A non refundable deposit is required***

*​**October Booking***​

With Sept-Nov being our busiest season of the year, all bookings will require a deposit to reserve your services. Deposit is to be made at least 2 weeks  before the date of the scheduled event. In the event that you need to reschedule, we will be more than happy to accommodate to the best of our availability. Should you choose to cancel your appointment no cancellation fee will apply, however the deposit will be held.

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