Breathing Canvas & fx - Company Message
For every booking we aim to provide the highest quality and most appropriate applications possible. We will be happy to help you decide which methods and services are best suited for your type of booking or event.

Please submit any questions through our Contact Us form.

Be sure to read our safety section.

This method allows us to provide a precise, smooth professional finish.
Allowing us to quickly move from one guest to the next while still maintaining sanitary standards.

When airbrushing we do require access to an electrical outlet.
By using Latex we are able to build custom 3d prosthetics(wounds, wrinkles, gashes, small horns, ect) on site!

***Allergic to latex? Don't fret, we often have gelatin or silicone options in our kit. Provided upon request.

Larger more intricate prosthetics and masks can be commissioned and designed if given enough notice.
Body Art
Body Art
By combining all of our methods we can create spectacular works of art on the human body. The best canvas of all.

**Latex based paints sometimes used for this service


Have you read our FAQs section?

Keep us in mind for: Conventions, parties, photo-shoots, zombie walks, costume-makeup, movies, demos, classes, seminars, or anything you might need professional airbrush makeup for.
Contact us at least 2 weeks in advance with a date in mind and we will let you know our availability.
For booking email
Charlotte-based and Mobile, ask us about travel availability.

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