Breathing Canvas & fx - Company Message
SAFETY: (Persons under the age of 18 are required to provide a parent/guardian signature.)We require signatures for any application of our products, but keep in mind some services may use Latex., Fantasy Faces Airbrush Makeup, Mehron Face paint, Stage blood and other lesser used products.

 Contact us for specific allergy questions, We encourage clients with any sign of an allergic reaction to come to us for removal assistances or to remove as quickly as possible.

*Being trained in Cosmetology we provide the utmost sanitation and precautions when using products on the public.
*If there is an uncertainty as to an allergy, we suggest a patch test.
**We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we may feel whose skin status is or could be compromised.

The art of special effects and body painting is one of a very personal nature. 
The artist will come close  in contact with the client during the services, so sanitation and professionalism is an incredibly valued skill withheld by our crew.

However that skill is not always present with every effects artist, body painter

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